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My experience with Jamber F1 Onion farming so far

Dear Farmers, A few months ago, i visited my neighbor’s farm.I initially took the trip to learn how my neighbor succeeded in greenhouse farming as he […]

Tomato Farming Guide For Beginners

There are many people sitting in offices thinking of venturing into farming as a way of earning some extra cash. This as many have come to […]

Guide to Mushroom Farming in kenya

Due to public demand, we took the initiative of compiling a guide to help farmers interested in starting mushroom farming in kenya The mushroom farming process […]

Facts About Mushroom Farming in Kenya

Kenyan agricultural sector has seen booms in several sectors including mushroom farming in kenya with many people adopting it as a way of either earning extra […]

Considerations for starting greenhouse farming in kenya

With agribusiness becoming one of the major investment opportunities for Kenyans, the demand for greenhouses has risen significantly with many people looking to start greenhouse farming […]