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Introduction to Agribusiness

Dear farmer, Congratulations for choosing agribusiness in Kenya. It is not easy and many have sacrificed a lot to be in it. Quitting well-paying jobs, investing […]

How to support tomato plants

“How can I support my tomatoes?” This is one of the most frequently asked question by tomato farmers in kenya. But before I answer that question […]

How we made it:Mushroom Farming

Mushrooms farming is often considered difficult by many. This has made many people shy away from it despite its profitability. We sought out to find farmers […]

A complete introduction to Rabbit farming in kenya

A few years back, rabbit farming received a lot of publicity similar to the one quail farming got and I questioned whether it was a sustainable […]

Some Agribusiness funding sources in kenya

One of the biggest challenges in farming is financing. Farmers agribusiness funding sources to start or expand projects but in in most cases they fail to […]

Get investment for your agribusiness venture

Are you an entrepreneur in agribusiness? If yes, then this is a great opportunity for you to get investment and mentorship. The growthhub is running a […]

Chronicles Of A Beginner Dairy Farmer

It is always difficult to start something new. Especially farming. I came to realize this when I decided to start dairy farming. My initial plan was […]

Update on My Experience with Jamber F1 Onions

Hello farmers, I hope this finds you well. The last time I wrote to the blog I was waiting to transplant the onions in two weeks’ […]

How to feed dairy cows

Feeding is the most important factor when dealing with dairy cows. In most cases it distinguishes the successful farmers from the unsuccessful ones. With feeding, there […]

How To succeed in Dairy Farming in kenya

  Dairy farming has grown tremendously in the last couple of years. From being a hobby activity, dairy farming in Kenya has been transformed into a […]

Facts about the Moringa Tree

The first time I heard of moringa tree was almost a year ago as I surfed the internet. At first I brushed it aside considering the […]

Agribusiness:How to make Farming a business

Farming for a long time not been taken seriously in Kenya. The manner in which it has been carried out would be described more of a […]