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Mushrooms farming is often considered difficult by many. This has made many people shy away from it despite its profitability. We sought out to find farmers who had successfully done mushroom farming and that is when we met Nick and Daniel.

Before starting mushroom farming, the two had to battle challenges such as capital, lack of information among others but after planning and preparing for over five months, the two finally started the venture.

Harvest time inside mushroom house

Harvest time inside mushroom house

When we visited them, they were busy working in their mud walled mushroom house. This is where the magic happens. The 700 mushroom bag capacity house has its inner walls lined with black polythene with the floor covered with the same material. This is to preserve moisture as mushrooms require a certain amount of moisture to grow. Inside the house, are rows of wooden shelves where the mushroom bags are placed as shown in the image below. The sight is one to behold.


packaging area

packaging area


At the time of the visit, the two together with two other employees were busy harvesting as they had orders for their mushrooms in town among them a supermarket. We sought to find out how they sold their mushrooms as this is a major challenge for most farmers. As a matter of fact, more farmers quote marketing as a bigger challenge than even financing. This is mostly attributed to the reluctance of farmers to go out in search if the market . “At the beginning we had decide to sell the mushrooms to a broker but it was not long before we realized that the prices he bought at were far less than what we deserved. At this point we decide to take matters into our own hands and source for market ourselves. ” That decision, he explains was the best they ever made. They now sell a pallet for anywhere between ksh200-ksh250 as compared to the ksh140 they got from brokers.


Nick making a delivery in a restaurant

The two encourage farmers to take an active role when it comes to marketing their products. They say most of their clients are restaurants with vegetarian dishes, supermarkets, and health conscious individuals. Mushrooms having 0 calories makes it extremely healthy and a great alternative to other unhealthy meals.

The two have since then mastered the art of mushroom farming and in a bid to encourage other farmers to practice mushroom farming, they are developing a complete curriculum that would help farmers understand every aspect of mushroom farming and be guided through the process. The two in conjunction with Farming Afrika will be holding training seminars one a month where farmers will be taken through the theory and practical sections of mushroom farming. The sessions will be held in the farm so as the learning farmers get to see the entire process physically. This is to ensure farmers get value for their money and practical examples have been considered to be a more effective way of learning. Those interested can leave their name and email bellow to be contacted when the program begins and to also get other free articles on mushroom farming straight to your email.

Eric K. (Farming Afrika Admin)
Eric K. (Farming Afrika Admin)
Eric is the co-founder of Farming Afrika. He is a farmer, business man and technology professional. He is determined to unwrap the mystery of profitable farming, lead the youth back to the farms and tell the story.


  1. Elijah kipngenoh says:

    I’ve a lot of passion for this type of farming and would be grateful if am given further training on the same.

  2. JOHN MOMANYI says:

    hello ?am ineterested in this mushroom farming contact me please.

  3. Mokabedi says:

    Hello I am Mokabedi here in Botswana, i would love to start a mushroom farm and i need more information please.

  4. eric says:

    Hello? I have tried mushroom farming on a small scale and i can say the progress was not that bad. However, if you can avail more information on the same, some errors that i did can be avoided.Thank you.

  5. casper mwambu says:

    wish to be informed when there is training on mushroom farming

  6. KARIUKI K O says:

    i am intrested in mushroom farming but i lack i need to be trained on all much does this training cost ?
    i have a plot in ruiru and am ready to venture.
    kindly assisst.

  7. Habel Kamau says:

    Am in othaya,tea zone.some ppl came with this idea,but after we had built mudhouses they never came back.give me more info

  8. achieng jacquelyne says:

    would like to know more about mushroom farming.please contact me as i have farm in kisumu

  9. Am in Mombasa and am so much interested in mushroom farming, i would really love to attend any of your training so as to have knowledge on the whole process, please contact me

  10. lilian says:

    i wud really like to attend to the programmes…kindly contact me i like mushroom growing

  11. bernard says:

    is the training still availabe

  12. bridget says:

    plz let me know when you are training want to start one in turbo

  13. Sheila says:

    I am interested in mushroom farming in Kenya and would like to receive more information about it from you.

  14. lewis ragir'a says:

    hi i really like your work and am very passionate about mushroom farming. am very eager to learn from you.
    kind regards

  15. Joan Namoyi says:

    I would like to know early enough on the training to that i plan to attend.

  16. Elaine says:

    Thank you for the information, it is helpful. Kindly, avail more information on the same and could others who have tried and either failed or succeeded share their experiences?

  17. Michael waweru says:

    hi I would like to get some knowledge in rabbit keeping

  18. Samuel says:

    Iam interested in mushroom farming please can get more information

  19. Gerald says:

    am Gerald from Nanyuki town. am planning to venture Into button mushroom farming and ave set aside ksh100000 as capital.pliz send me nick and Daniel’s contact to book for training

  20. jackson odera says:

    kindly know when training is scheduled and give all requirements

  21. Robinson Boreh says:

    More info on mushroom faing please


    I would like you to send me more details on the button mushrooms.

  23. ibrahim ogeke says:

    Icome moi’s bridge and Iwant to learn mushroom farming please do help me

  24. Framaria Inv. says:

    Please notify us of any trainings, esp on mushroom farming, thankyou.

  25. Ken says:

    Thank you for the informative article. I am interested in attending the above stated training sessions. Kindly inform me once this has commenced.


  26. jackobo nyangogo says:

    Iam interesting to engage in mushroom growing but ilack the knowledge therefore ask for help from expert.

    • Eric K. (Farming Afrika Admin) says:

      Hi Jackobo,

      I advice tht you visit an actual farm near you.
      I know of Dells farm in Eldoret that you can visit at a small fee and learn.
      You can get their contacts from their faceboo page.

  27. Mercy Nderi says:

    I gave up on mushroom farming bcoz of market challenge. Now I’m rusty on mushroom farming. I would love to be polished. Thank you for this post. God bless the work of your hands.

  28. I want to be a mushroom farmer

  29. joy says:

    contact me please. am learning about mushroom venture.

  30. francis musyoka says:

    I have built up a structure which can hold a minimum of 1000 bags in Macharia.kindly let me know how I can proceed from there.

    • Eric K. (Farming Afrika Admin) says:

      Hi Francis,

      Have you had any trainings on this.?
      I would advice you get some as mushroom farming can be technica. Let me know if you need help getting a consultant or a place to train.

  31. Vidalyne Omollo says:

    I need more information and guidance on how to start up mushroom farming

  32. Patrick says:

    I have an interest in mushroom farming.

  33. patrick k kariuki says:

    interesting information but i would like the organization concern to set aside money for training people how to eat , to cook, benefits of eating Mushroom before telling people to plant so please look on that side first

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