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Kenyan agricultural sector has seen booms in several sectors including mushroom farming in kenya with many people adopting it as a way of either earning extra income or compensating for the lack of white collar.  From rabbit farming to the recent quail farming rush, Kenyans have demonstrated that they are willing to adopt new farming techniques to earn some extra cash. Well, before hastily investing in ‘’new’’ farming ventures, one has to look into some facts to avoid hopping onto sinking ships.

Mushroom farming in kenya has been practiced for a long time with the vegetarian/non-meat eating population being the largest consumers of mushrooms.  They are one of the only non-animal source of vitamin D. Mushrooms are also a weight loss food and have low calories fat carbohydrates and sodium. This makes it a perfect option for people looking to lose weight. Mushrooms have also proven to remarkably boost immunity.

The most common type of mushroom cultivated in Kenya is oyster mushroom and button mushroom. These two are some of the most widely eaten mushroom types.

Is Mushroom Farming In Kenya Viable?

To determine whether mushroom farming is viable in Kenya, we have to look at its production process. Mushrooms are grown on compost/substrate. The substrate which is prepared in a multistep process provides the nutrients necessary for the mushrooms to germinate. The compost is packed into clear polythene bags and spawn(seeds) scattered on the surface. Mushrooms require very little space to grow as it can be done in a room of any size provided the temperature and humidity can be controlled. Mushrooms also require a humid environment to grow and farmers spray the walls of the room with water to make the room humid.

From this process, the compost preparation is the most time consuming as it takes almost a month to complete the preparation process. It involves mixing wheat straws(or any other base) with urea, lime, cotton seed cake and water at intervals each time turning the mixture.  Ready made substrate is however available for sale. This saves the farmer the problems related to substrate preparation.

Timothy from Farming Afrika used 200 bales of wheat straws buying each at ksh150, mixing ingredients plus labour cost him around ksh30,000 bringing his total expenditure to ksh60,000 and producing 500 planting bags. He made use of a room that was already in existence hence avoiding construction costs. Spawn cost him ksh20,000.

It took him 21 days after spawning to start harvesting the mushrooms. At the end of the harvest he had averaged 1kg per bag making his total harvest 500kg of mushrooms. A kg of sells for between ksh600 and ksh800 per kg making the returns between ksh300,000 and ksh500,000 from an investment of ksh 80,000.

After this dissecting, we conclude that mushroom farming is indeed viable provided a farmer tackles the ever menacing problem of marketing.

mushroom farming in kenya


The market for mushrooms is continuously growing. This is mostly due to the urge by many Kenyans to adopt healthy eating habits. As stated above, the health benefits of mushrooms are endless.

Some markets for mushrooms are vegetarian restaurants, supermarkets, individuals who do not eat meat, the health conscious people, ordinary restaurants etc.

Farmers should also think outside the box to create unique market. Adding value to mushrooms could open up market for farmers. For example making mushroom soup or using mushrooms or mushroom cake flavours, mushroom porridge

How to start Mushroom Farming in kenya

Farming Afrika will publish a step by step guide on how to start Mushroom Farming in Kenya. For more details or questions email


Eric K. (Farming Afrika Admin)
Eric K. (Farming Afrika Admin)
Eric is the co-founder of Farming Afrika. He is a farmer, business man and technology professional. He is determined to unwrap the mystery of profitable farming, lead the youth back to the farms and tell the story.


  1. nimrod says:

    interested in mushroom farming, pls info.

  2. wamucii says:

    Hi am also interested in learning how to do Mushrooms

  3. Mercy says:

    Hi, I would like to venture in this, Is it possible to buy the ready compost, and how much would it cost enough to have 1000 bags of compost?

    • Angela says:

      Hi Mercy,
      Did you eventually get a solution for your question? I would also prefer to buy the ready compost

      • Eric K. (Farming Afrika Admin) says:

        Hi Angela,
        I am also of the same thinking
        However, Buying ready compost would be an easier option only if the compost is of good quality.

        • Robin says:

          Hello my names is Robin.
          I have support some children food and Education fee in Kenya, I looking to do project about mushrooms farming in Kenya that some profit can covers education fee.
          You have any idea where can I get some advice from?
          Thank you.

    • John M Ikiara says:

      Am a farmer in Ntugi location of Buuri sub county of Meru county. Am interested in mushroom farming. I need as much information as to start the project. How is the market todate ?

  4. Michael Jenami says:

    Hello Sir

    Am Michael from Zimbabwe,I would like more information on mushroom farming

  5. victor says:

    Am very much interest in mushroom farming, need some ideas please.

  6. Wanjiru Mwangi says:

    Hi there, would be interested in the varieties or species you have and how I can get their seeds

  7. kevin sewe says:

    Hi am a student at jkuat I would luv to get more information. On mushroom farming

  8. francis mburu says:

    Hi i love the article. Afya farm also does mushroom 7 km east of eldoret town. I invite you to the farm

  9. John Joseph says:

    I like this…am currently producing them;the Oyster type,I would like a market for it….pliz help me through this….

  10. betty says:

    hello..i would love to receive more of your newsletters and learn more on Agribussiness.

  11. BENARD GERRO says:

    Hi I am interested in mushrooms farming need more information on planting plz

  12. Victor Oloo says:

    Av learnt a lot from you, thanks and keep it up. ..

  13. Reuben says:

    Hi I am Reuben from Kabete and I want to start the business my greatest worry is marketing at the moment . How much are you buying from your farmers and can I grow and sell you my produce.

  14. Catherine says:

    Hello Eric,
    This is Catherine from Kampala. Thank you so much for the valuable information you are sharing freely. God bless. I have read a lot about Oyster mushroom growing but haven’t found much about button mushrooms. Please share information on growing button mushrooms. Also, contacts of your sources for quality spawn for both oyster and button mushrooms.

    • Eric K. (Farming Afrika Admin) says:

      Hi Catherine,
      The project highloighted on one of our articles is actually on button mushroom. I will prepare a more detailed write up that you can download and use for mushroom production.
      I will also include the contact information of spawn producers.

  15. simon says:

    am interested in mushroom farming. kindly let me know how can i get in touch with you

  16. Mirriam Ranganai says:

    Hi am trying to find out were i can buy seeds for button mushroom in Africa and how to plant the mushroom.

  17. James says:

    Mushroom farming is a new field that we need to venture in .We need more information concerning mushroom farming

  18. ALI JUMA says:

    Hi I Am a young farmer who got interest in mushroom farming have a farm ready please need your advise

  19. Triza Wa Mugure says:

    I am really interested in this kind of farming. Kindly assist me.

  20. patrick muturi says:

    hi, am patrick from nakuru, have interest in mushroom farming. Kindly inform me where they are grown in my area.

  21. Mburu Mike says:

    Am a young mkulima doing button mushrooms since last year for more info contact me 0713231551

  22. Michael says:

    I’d like to visit a mushroom growing farm, in Nairobi or around.
    Is there any that i can?Kindly advice.

  23. lucy says:

    nice information,I would like to get intouch with mushroom farmers around kitale

  24. Andrew says:

    Wonderful work over the years…

    Willing to venture into this farming in athi river ..

    Would like to supply to ready available market you may be in contact with.


  25. Elizabeth says:

    Am a very small scale button farmers and looking for market

  26. Deo says:

    We are small scale Oyster mushroom, Kindly can you assist where to get market?

  27. Jared Bundi says:

    Am from Nakuru ,I want to learn on how to make substrate out of saw dust ,where to get the best spawns and a potential ready to go.

  28. margaret says:

    Hi, I am interested in button mushroom production in kitale and I am requesting for a write up that I may use including substrate and spawn suppliers to assist in the production.

    • Eric K. (Farming Afrika Admin) says:

      Hi Margaret,

      I have a farmer in Eldoret who does mushroom farming and has been consistent.
      The farm is called Dells farm in Kapseret. For conclusive and wholesome information, i advice you visit the farm.
      Check on their facebook page for phone contacts.

  29. Philip Mwamburi says:

    Hi I Am a farmer who has interest in mushroom farming have a small farm 1/8 ready please need your advise

    • Eric K. (Farming Afrika Admin) says:

      Hi Philip,
      call us on 0763442224. We have a farm that holds trainings for farmers in Eldoret. We can link you up.

  30. Tenai Nicholas says:

    Please iam interested in mushroom farming and would like to know were i can get some training in Eldoret.

    • Eric K. (Farming Afrika Admin) says:

      Hellow Tenai,
      You can get training at Dell’s Farm in Kapseret Eldoret. The farmer is doing a good number of houses with mushrooms. email me your number and i will link you up.

  31. Gabriel says:

    Hi, am Gabriel from Uganda grower of oyster mushroom but I would like to start growing button mushroom, where can I get a supplier of button mushroom spawns in Kenya.

  32. joan wanjiru says:

    Hi Eric my name is Joan and am really interested in mushroom farming… you offer any classes???? i would also like to have more knowledge on this kind of farming….Thank you.

    • Eric K. (Farming Afrika Admin) says:

      Hi Joan,

      Yes, our partner Dells farm in Eldoret offers 4 days boarding training. Please look them up on Facebook.

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