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          擠漿脫水機-Squeeze dewatering machine

          發布時間:2018-07-19 14:21:15




          Product details
          (1) Spiral extrusion solid-liquid separator is a kind of high-efficiency, constant and low-energy-consumption solid-liquid separation and dehydration mechanical product. It is widely used in poultry and livestock manure treatment (pig manure, chicken manure, cow manure, duck manure, etc.), fertilizer raw material dehydration of organic manure manufacturing enterprises, solid-liquid separation of biogas sludge, pulp dehydration of paper mill. And dehydration and separation of distiller's grains, brewery residue, sweet potato residue, cassava residue, fruit residue, drug residue, alcohol residue, vinegar residue of brewery and soy sauce residue. Solid-liquid separation of slaughterhouse sewage, wood-based panel plant sewage treatment and other high concentration sewage.


          (2) In the field of industrial application, it can operate at low cost and achieve high efficiency of dehydration and drying. It can separate and dehydrate such substances as distiller's grains, residue, swill water in hotels, pulp and biogas residue.










          Product parameters
          (1) The screw extrusion solid-liquid separator has the characteristics of small volume, low speed, simple operation, convenient installation and maintenance, low cost, high efficiency, fast investment recovery and no need to add any coagulant.
          (2) Integrated hopper design, stable feed compensation, dry wet dual-use design;
          (3) Ball thickening and casting shell.
          (4) Thickening stainless steel spiral shaft, wear-resistant treatment of stress part, long service life, scientific and reasonable pitch parameters;
          (5) The electric control system has overload protection, leakage protection and low voltage protection.
          (6) Stainless steel filter mesh lath high-precision forming process manufacturing, with good filtration, anti-clogging, long service life and other characteristics;
          (7) PVC steel pipe has the characteristics of aging resistance and external force resistance.
          (8) structure:

          1.Motor  2.
          Reducer refueling hole 3. Funnel 4.Overflow port 5. Feeding port  6. Convenient flushing hole 7.Outlet 8. Screw 9. Outfall 10. Connecting rod 11. Heavy hammer 12.Check hole 13.Electric control panel 14.Oil drain plug






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