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With agribusiness becoming one of the major investment opportunities for Kenyans, the demand for greenhouses has risen significantly with many people looking to start greenhouse farming in kenya. .More and more people are investing into this business with the hope of making good returns from it. However there are thing that one should consider when choosing a greenhouse supplier.

1.Costs of starting greenhouse farming in kenya

Since the investment is made with the intentions of making profits, then one should determine the return on investment anticipated and use it to choose a supplier to start greenhouse farming in kenya. Different suppliers offer different greenhouse packages. Some offer structure alone as a product while others offer the structure, water tank, drip lines and seeds all in one package. As a farmer/investor, you should be able to see how purchasing the complete package rather than individual components reduces costs and time of project implementation. In the costs breakdown, be keen on the ‘hidden costs’. These are costs that are not listed but you end up paying for as they are vital in the implementation of the project. For example, installation costs. Most suppliers do not quote installation fees and farmers end up spending more than they had planned for. In case of new/inexperienced farmers, consider technical support and other services before settling on a supplier.

Another solution would be getting the structure from one supplier who you consider to be affordable and getting the other material from other suppliers. This in some cases reduces the cost of the greenhouse significantly and at times ends up costing more than the complete package option.

2.Customer support

Customer support in this case refers to the technical help from the supplier. Most suppliers charge for technical support while other offer it for free for a period of time. This is very important for new farmers who would need advice in planting, pruning and other important activities where they lack expertise. Some farmers regularly consult the greenhouse suppliers but this ends up costing more. As a farmer, you also don’t get value for your money since the suppliers are in the business of constructing and selling the greenhouses and not training.

A cost effective way to handle this situation would be to undertake a training course yourself the train your employees. This would ensure continuity as you will not be dependent on one employee. On the bright side, skills needed are not very technical and any-one can be qualified.

3.Structure Details

The structure details in particular side-height is of great importance. For greenhouses with very low sides. This limits the farmer in that crops such as tomatoes that climb high will not have enough room to grow upwards. There will also not be enough room for working. So ensure you have a look at an already installed demo before buying.

greenhouse farming in kenya

4.Farm Details

Factors such as proximity to water source and soil quality should be considered. Since most greenhouse units come with water tanks of sizes 500ltrs-1500ltrs, farmers should consider ways of pumping water to the tanks. In the events a farmer sets up a greenhouse far from rivers or other water sources, a mobile tank can be used to transport water from the source to the greenhouse site. This will however incure fuel costs which may reduce the profits made from greenhouse farming in kenya.

Soil quality can be improves by using manure or fertilizer before and during planting. Soil testing is recommended so that you can know what your soil lacks and work towards restoring it. Soil tests can be carried out at KARI at a cost of around ksh 500.

.Farming afrika has established a relationship with a start-up greenhouse construction company who construct and sell affordable greenhouse packages for between ksh 150,000- ksh 185,000 for a complete 8*15 steel greenhouse. The unit is complete with a 500ltrs water tank and seeds. Greenhouses of larger sizes are also available. Call — or email



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Eric K. (Farming Afrika Admin)
Eric K. (Farming Afrika Admin)
Eric is the co-founder of Farming Afrika. He is a farmer, business man and technology professional. He is determined to unwrap the mystery of profitable farming, lead the youth back to the farms and tell the story.


  1. This a good project , i wish one day to join green house farming . i love it too much.

  2. Rop says:

    Am interested,where are you located?

  3. admin says:

    Rop we are in Nairobi and Eldoret

  4. i need a greenhouse for my shamba,
    i,m ready if for installation the January 2014

  5. dave says:

    Pls provide contacts for further.

  6. lameck says:

    i need 3 greenhouses in kisii. size 8m X 30m. whats the cost for full installation

    • Mark K. says:

      Lameck please send me your number to the email adress above and we will have a professional give you the breakdown.

      • loyd says:

        I am keen on starting a profitable greenhouse business. Can you give me some start up kit quotes and some of your tested numbers in terms of returns..give me actual achievable returns, not the inflated marketing numbers. I am for real.

  7. phillip says:

    the prices are too steep considerin i can purchase a plot of land with that amount of money and farm and build on it,plus nothing is mentioned on taxing.

    • Mark K. says:

      Well, Philip the returns on investement for a green house are what make it attractive. A greenhouse maximises the chances of good product yield and minimises alot of environmental based risks like weather and attack of crops by animals. With regards to taxing, taxes are only charged onthe applicable items you purchase to build a green house. If you outsourcthe whole project to a company they may charge VAT on the total (labour inclusive). Where would you like to setup a green house and what options do you have in mind?

  8. martha says:

    how much does apolytene paper of agreenhouse of 8 by 15m can cost

  9. Adams says:

    Please provide contacts for further inquiry. Where in Nairobi are you located?

  10. Reuben maili kanyanya says:

    Hello brother,I am an expert in greenhouse construction.Requesting if you can be giving me some contructs.

  11. William Komu says:

    Do you offer training on green house farming. If no where can i get it.

  12. Ongoma Zed says:

    Hi, I would like to acquire a 7m x 18 M steel green house, what would the cost be?

  13. christine Jean says:

    where can I locate you from .I am interested in starting one in malaba

  14. Kunle says:

    Hi, am kunle from Nigeria, thinking of setting up some greenhouses in Nigeria, can I have your email and phone No. I can also be reach on +2348033410877 or Await your responses

  15. harrison says:

    Why are you not in Tharaka Nithi county? I would Like to start a green house come February next year in Tharaka

  16. reuben says:

    I am really interested in green house farming in Gatamaiyu area in Naivasha, I would like to start with a the smallest size (8M*15M). how much do I need for the same and how fast can it happen

  17. BERNARD ROTICH says:

    i would like to setup a greenhouse at my home in nakuru for use. kindly send me price list and sizes you currently deploy

  18. BERNARD ROTICH says:

    i would like to setup a greenhouse at my home in Nakuru , for use. kindly send me price list and sizes you currently deploy

  19. javan says:

    Hello Guys,
    Can someone advise me if its possible to setup a green house in coast region places like kwale,voi,kilifi or eve Ukambani are like Mtito Andei etc?

  20. John Muchiri says:

    I am a first time farmer using green house technology. Can somebody please advice me on how to setup one, and the cost involved

  21. Seman Fumbi says:

    I am interested in agro business with land in Kilifi county. Do you provide services around this are?

  22. Jack Njogu says:

    Hi. I want to start a green house measuring about 8 by 15 metres. I wanted to know the total cost including installation. The land is in Murang’a County

  23. Robert Korir says:

    I want to start a green house in Kitengela, any advice?

  24. celestine Kabura says:

    I want to learn deeply on how to construct and taking care of greenhouse plants of various categories which are very much profitable . I would like to be a specialist in that particular field. Please email me a detailed vedeo, AND other teaching materials to make me expert. Let me get the cost. I AM in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. Please respond promptly!

  25. Mercy says:

    I would like to start green house farming. Do you offer trainings to beginners. In eldoret kimumu

  26. Gideon says:

    Hi to you, where can i find you am currently in eldoret, i am interested in this field of farming

  27. kagi says:

    Hi Eric

    Is there any farmer who is fully into greenhouse farming that I can visit for benchmarking purposes?
    Or maybe you do it yourself?

    I am interested in greenhouse farming and not sure where to start. I have 10ha piece of land lying idle due to no rains in Botswana. Please give me an idea.


  28. andile says:

    dear Eric

    how do we get hold of you besides living our coments on this website…., i would hove to get some advice from you as youve been farming for a while.

  29. Marge says:

    Hi Eric,

    I read your article and I must say, I love the idea. In fact it sounds like answered prayer. I have wanted to start a seed program to grow crops in Kenya.

    We’re planning on going to Kenya to see my fiance’s mom. We will arriving in Nairobi on May 22, 205. We will stay
    at an air bnb until the 25th then head to a safari at Masa Mara. Then we head out to Kissumu for a few nights and back
    to Nairobi Airport.

    For the first 3 days we have very little planned and I’m wondering if it would be possible to meet with you between May 22-24th before we head out to Masa Mara. Please let me know if this is possible. Please email me or call me to arrange a date and time to meet.


  30. jeniffer mugo says:

    Am in Nairobi loresho I need a green HSE in my rural home embu i need help

  31. Isaac Kimani w says:

    Hi! id like to venture into greenhouse farming and poultry farming on a piece of land measuring 100*100. id like advise on the size of greenhouse structure I should put and if it has any effect running both projects side by side. the land is at Kenyatta road along thika superhighway. pliz send me your contact information.

  32. shaib kassim says:

    Hi Eric!
    I am kassim fromTanzani and I real need the green house I don’t how will get access to them for my farm

  33. lui says:

    i need new polythene sheets for a significant green house project..can i get a good supplier?

  34. jane says:

    Hi, Eric am Jane a start up as far as greehouse farming is concerned. I have a manmade green house constructed at Ruaka in Kiambu County. I would kindly lie you to advise me on tomato farming since am very much interested and i do not know how to go about it. You can please email me at jwnjuguna2014@gmail.

  35. ZIPPORAH says:

    I am very much interested in starting up a green house.
    My plot size is an eighth and its in Rongai.

    My email address is
    please share your contact information for start up costs information

  36. mercy says:

    where in Kenya can i buy the nets for green house

  37. Lucy Elundah says:

    Am so much interested as a beginner in this green house farming. Much of your advise please sir/madam

  38. erick kimani says:

    hi eric
    Am a small scale farmer how can i get financing to setup a greenhouse even if a smal one and how to make it work

  39. paul mbogua njenga says:

    so pleased nd interested. plan to start one soon. am in Lucysummer estate Baba ndogo.

  40. Albert Efumbi says:

    I am interested in this farming. Am at Lugari district Kakamega county. Kindly advice how i can get started.

  41. gachanja says:

    email me the cost of a 15m by 8m greenhouse. thank you

  42. James says:

    Hi share your Nairobi contact. I am interested

  43. Bett Sakong says:

    I am planning on setting up a green house near Eldoret, Kindly give me the location to your office in Eldoret and a quotation for a 15*8

  44. Very vital information – how can one venture?

  45. Nicholas Kimuyu says:

    Hi. I want to be trained on greenhouse. Where are you located in Nairobi and how can I visit your offices.

  46. eliud says:

    we are planing to start greenhouse farming as agroup in aland size 2hct wich size of greenhouse do we can we get it we are at lamu

    • Eric K. (Farming Afrika Admin) says:

      Hi Eliud,

      2hctrs is a big piece of land and can bring in good returns.
      For the size of greenhouse, i would advice you start with one 15*30 greenhouse, which will allow you to learn first before expanding.
      The 2tchrs of land can hold multiple greenhouses.
      Please contact illuminum greenhouses. They have a variety of greenhouses at affordable prices.
      +254732613501, +254732613531

  47. ken says:

    Hi mr Erick ,am a builder (Qs ) by profession but i have an interest in greenhouse farming.

    I need you advise sir,on how to set a cheap but workable greenhouse.

    • Eric K. (Farming Afrika Admin) says:

      Hi Ken,

      I would advice you go for wooden greenhouses from good constructors as they function just as well as a metalic one but cost much less.
      Try illuminum greenhouses. contact them through their website

  48. melvin says:

    if you are in need of second hand mettalic greenhouses at fair price..?hit my inbox.
    size 8x15m

    ..8months old frm Amiran company

  49. melvin says:

    if you are in need of second hand mettalic greenhouses at fair price..?hit my inbox.
    size 8x15m

    ..8months old frm Amiran company

  50. JULIE says:

    Am in Eldoret and need to set up a cheap green house for a start. kindly lemme know the total cost

    • Eric K. (Farming Afrika Admin) says:

      Hey Julie,

      Kindly give me a call on 0763442224 and i will link you with a reliable greenhouse contractor

  51. Peter Masibo says:

    I would like to grow tomatoes using the green house approach of farming without having to transplant

  52. Gladys Karanja says:

    I would like to start greenhouse farming. How am I supposed to do?

  53. samsemei says:

    am soon joining agri-business therefore am opting to do green houses products

    • Eric K. (Farming Afrika Admin) says:

      Good stuff Samsemei. Greenhouse farming is lucrative. And remember, what differentiates the successful and not so successful farmers is their knowledge of their markets and ability to produce accordingly.

  54. Yvonne says:

    Hi Eric,

    I am leasing a land in Kitengela and would love to have a greenhouse but am torn between tomatoes and strawberries.

    Do watermelons do well in greenhouses?

    Kindly let me know where to reach you so that you can assist.


    • Eric K. (Farming Afrika Admin) says:

      Hi Yvonne,
      For greenhouses,you would want a crop that ensures you have high returns to justify the cost incurred to purchase the greenhouse. From my experience, watermelons do well outdoors and in relatively dry areas. I would advice you to go with tomatoes as long as you have figured out a market for your produce.

  55. James Addo says:

    where in Kenya can we get multilevel green houses?

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