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One of the biggest challenges in farming is financing. Farmers agribusiness funding sources to start or expand projects but in in most cases they fail to achieve this. This mostly comes down to the manner in which we pursue this. Being professional goes a long way in convincing banks or other investors that funding you is a correct decision. A must have in this case is a business plan as well as a proposal. These papers will make it easy to explain your plans as well as show how well you have thought of your farming ventures.

There are several places farmers can look at to get financing.Here are some of the agribusiness funding sources i came across

1.Family and friends

This is in my opinion one of the best options for farmers especially young people who do not have property to use as collateral in finance institutions. It however involves a lot of convincing as family would want to gauge your commitment and seriousness before lending you the money.

A well drafted proposal/business plan will help your cause.

agribusiness funding sources

2 Banks

Banks are another very good alternative when looking for financing. Banks also help farmers get in contact with other successful farmers to learn from them. One disadvantage of banks is the security that you have to give to access loans especially big ones. However with a well thought out business plan, risks are greatly reduced.

Most banks have seen the potential in agribusiness and have set up special financing packages for farmers. For example

a)  Equity Bank







Read more about equity bank loans here

b) Chase Bank

Chase bank also have good packages for farmers. Read more about them here

c) Faulu Kenya

d) kcb bank

e) Agricultural Finance Corporation

3.Grants and Competitions

3 Youth Fund

Youth fund have a program in partnership with Amiran where young people get 2 greenhouses fully equipped at a cost of 358,344

Read more bout it here


Like i said, most banks have packages for agribusinnes ventures. It is important to get as much information about the loan as possible before taking it. Other than that, banks are very good source of funding for your venture.

There are many other financing opportunities including agribusiness competitions such as the Growthhub accelerator program Enablis Chase bank competition among other. When looking for funds, you should always on the lookout for less expensive alternatives.

Feel free to contribute with other agribusiness funding sources

Eric K. (Farming Afrika Admin)
Eric K. (Farming Afrika Admin)
Eric is the co-founder of Farming Afrika. He is a farmer, business man and technology professional. He is determined to unwrap the mystery of profitable farming, lead the youth back to the farms and tell the story.


  1. Dennis Mbogua says:


    I enjoy reading your blog and I find it very informative.

    I am seriously thinking into venturing full time onto dairy farming and related agri-business ventures. I need assistance with formulating a business plan – or rather to put my ideas down on paper for presentation whislt seeking financing. Could you assist?



    • Eric K. (Farming Afrika Admin) says:

      Hi Dennis,
      It is good that you are thinking of going the agribusiness way.
      You should however think it through carefully before making the leap. We have a business plan example for funding and can share with you.
      Kindly email us on so that we can share with you.

      • ngigi says:

        hi,am very interested with farming but hindered by capital.please kindly share with me your business plan.


  2. joseph says:

    i’m a starter in agribiz, i have done a lot in starting this agribusiness but my money have been exhausted. my biggest challenge is capital to bust the business( i want money to buy water pump to be specific.

  3. joseph wachira says:

    Joseph Maina Wachira.
    Iam a dairy farm located at Nakuru county, i have 25 herd of cattle where 10 are being milked the rest are heifers and some have dried waiting to give birth. Currently am doing 220 liters of milk and selling 1 liter at ksh 40. The most challage am facing is water since the farm is located in a dry area and we use a community borehole where water is being rationed.
    I want to drill a bore but the cost of doing it is quite high. Also i want to add value to the milk we are milking like making yourguts, mala and making of cheese. If i can succed in value addition i think i will be in a better postion to employ 10 to 15 young people who will be doing value addition and others will do marketing for our products.
    There is alot of waste that we collect every morning about 1ton and i want to do a biogas for local use at the same time the excess gas i can supply to neighbouring schools which are about 100 meters from my farm.

  4. Nelly Nyadzua says:


    I enjoy reading your blog and I find it very informative.

    I am seriously thinking into venturing onto potato farming and related agri-business ventures. Currently a friend has leased me a virgin land. I need assistance with formulating a business plan – or rather to put my ideas down on paper for presentation while seeking financing. I really need this, Could you assist?



  5. Veronica says:

    Hi, I have been a consistent established supplier for a particular company for the past 3 yrs. I have an order of supplying at least 1000kgs of managu, terere and saget but I can’t meet my orders since there are no reliable farmers of these products. Hence I have decided to seek funds and farm them personally. I already have a proposal wr

  6. Veronica says:

    I already have a written proposa. Plz advice where I can get funds ASAP. The order I need to meet is 1000kgs per WEEK. Pls help. Or is there any farmer that is farming managu, terere and saget in large scale?? I could buy for them.

    • peninah says:

      Veronica am really surprised that you do not have consistent suppliers of managu. I have a five acre farm i stated farming managu a year ago but i truly do not have a market for them that most of them end up as cows and pigs fodder. I have a bole whole so managu through out the year is not a problem.

  7. william m m says:

    Veronica im grand yu av gone and created that avenue.. i ask yu to divercify..dnt farm and sell on the initial stage.yu nid more cash to buy from farmers and yu supply..come with the prices per kg and volume per week. i av interest doing production.

  8. Mr Wagner says:

    Hello all,

    I am a private lender, i offer loan at 3% this is a legitimate company with honor and difference we are ready to help you out in any financial problem that you are we offer all type of loan so if you are interested in this loan offer kindly contact us on our email:

    Also provide the follow details so that we can proceed with the loan immediately.

    Amount needed:
    Purpose of loan:
    Monthly income:
    Phone number:

    Contact us with the above details on our email:

    Regards to you all.

  9. Martin Weru says:

    My name is Martin and i started Rabbit farming six months ago in Meru County kenya with five Does and Two Bucks.
    The number has increased to 72 and am planning to be a commercial farmer,a Breeder to help my Community start the same,create employment and also a learning institution for the local primary and secondary schools in my area.
    How do i identify institutions other than banks that offer Grants to small scale farmers who want to Expand to Large Scale farming?

    • Philip says:

      Hi Martin

      Trust you are well.
      Feeling encouraged to know that you have ventured in rabbit commercial business.
      Am in the process of starting and would appreciate if we can have a chat.
      Kindly get in touch at your earliest convenience.

      • Gordon Aura says:

        i too wish to start keeping rabbits, am in tanzania.
        how can you help me.
        you would be of great help if you started by educating me on how best to do the project.
        thanking you in advance

  10. john kuria says:

    I need
    assistance with formulating a
    business plan – or rather to put my
    ideas down on paper for presentation
    whislt seeking financing. Could you

  11. good work. we are young company where we contract farmers on various products loke fruits and vegs.

  12. jedida anyango says:

    hi erick i love what you are doing.i am an agricultural student and im almost completing my school.i would like to venture into aquiculture but the problem is capital and have tried several banks to get loans but no single bsnk as given me so what can you advice

  13. BEN ASHU says:

    my name is ben from kiambu county am a young guy try to venture into rabbit farming and
    i have a written business plan and how the venture can be profiting as the demand goes up…. my only problem is capital for startup…

  14. kevin says:

    hi am Kevin and am dealing with dairy and poultry farming and am short on the side of finances kindly give me option to where I can get a loan pliz.

  15. Lee Chang says:

    Dear Entrepreneur,

    I am Mrs. Beatrice Woods (a private investor in UK) and i welcome approaches from individuals, companies and entrepreneurial teams seeking capital/loan in their business sector. My investment portfolio covers every viable project you wish to develop or expand between 5 Million minimum and 1 Billion maximum. I support high potential projects such as Aviation, Agriculture, Petroleum, Energy, Telecommunication, construction, Real Estate and businesses with very flexible conditions for maximum solutions that are tailored to meet your needs. Delivery is with time and precision as set forth in the agreement. The procedure is very simple and our terms and conditions are reasonable.

    To proceed, it is very important to see your Business Summary and Analysis prior to release of fund to you. Kindly state how much you wish to apply for and indicate the duration and how you wish to pay back to enable us sign a contract agreement. After signing the mutual agreement, you will get a proof of Fund with my banker to give your company a comfort level in knowing my commitment in funding your Project. Let me hear from you if this proposal is of interest to you. contact us via:


  16. Arther Kanja says:

    Hey guys, I think I have an idea to all your concerns on farming capital, we were all created to solve a problem, watch this space

  17. lewa says:

    guys you be warned some people claiming that thy can lend you its scam. real money comes with struggle not easy. if thy tell you that send to them processing fee just know that once you send, you wount here from them again.

  18. AUSTIN says:

    Am greatly honored, to contribute on this platform where the majority of Kenyans are realizing the impact of agriculture both as a source of livelihood ,and also as a contributor to the development of our nation.

  19. mark omondi says:

    hi I’m interested in doing dairy farming and chicken farming. I live in Miwani 20km from kisumu town. I would like to partner with anybody with the same interests. I have 10acres of land and vast knowledge on agriculture. I luck finances…so if you are interested you can call me on 0710425196

  20. Fred Munyiri says:

    Great appreciation for your informative write up. Currently farming indigenous African Vegetables like managu, saga, terere, kunde, murenda, mito and many more which I sell to end user’s within Nairobi. Major handicap include scale up funds due do lack of a businesses plan that I would like to be assisted on how to write one.

  21. Lawrence Mghadi says:

    I really would like to thank everyone who have contributed in this platform coz as i was reading i could get to know that am not the only one in this AFRICA not only in KENYA so to say that we want to change it and not through very complex projects or proposal but through simple agriculture which many have been dispersing so much. am a small scale farmer of pig and vegetables but would like to grow further adding dairy cows and goats. this platform i hope will not only show us the way but someday make us convey in a place and share the challenges and successes we have achieved disperte being small, Mr Erick K think of it i would be more than ready to work with you on that, email;

  22. Annette says:

    Hi Kate I contacted but am still having reservations of whether to go ahead with the transaction. I would appreciate further information from you as a beneficiary of theirs. Pliz contact me thro 0726 717544 or Thank u

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