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Dairy farming has grown tremendously in the last couple of years. From being a hobby activity, dairy farming in Kenya has been transformed into a full blown business venture. There are more than enough examples of people making a more than good living from dairy farming but almost all of them will agree with me when I say it requires you to give a lot for you to receive.

There are several things that they all agree should be considered/performed for one to be successful in it.


Good Feed

Many people practicing dairy farming today are not satisfied with the amount of milk the cow is giving them. Especially when there  are successful dairy farmers getting 30-45 liters of milk per cow per day. The easiest solution to this would be to buy some of the successful farmers’ cows. This is solving the problem without actually solving the problem. Il explain, if your cow is producing less than 10 liters a day, then you are not feeding it right.

To solve the problem, a farmer should first learn to feed the cows as required before buying high producing cows. Many farmers end up with diminished milk production after spending a lot of money buying quality breeds but fail when it comes to feeding them.

Learn about proper feeding of dairy cows HERE


Good Breeds

Having quality breeds helps a lot when it comes to milk productivity. Farmers can get these cows from big farms that sell off heifers. This almost assures you of good milk produce provided you feed the cows right. It is therefore advised that farmers learn as much as possible about the cow when they but it. You wouldn’t want to subject it to totally different conditions to the one it is used to as it may affect production.

Having a good bred means that you can also rear your own herd and also improve on it through artificial insemination.

Affordable Feeds

To ensure that you gain maximum profits from your dairy venture, make sure you drive the cost of feeds down. Reports have it that the main cost in dairy farming in kenya is from animal feed which accounts to is between 40%-60% of the total costs.

There are several ways in which farmers can drive the costs down for example planting their own food if there is enough land available. Farmers can also make their own concentrates such as dairy meal. This will significantly reduce the cost of farming. There are new technologies that help reduce the cost of feeds for dairy farming in kenya such as hydroponics fodder where fodder is planted without water and is ready in just 6 days.


Good technical support

Every farmer requires good technical support to be successful. Having a qualified vetinary doctor to visit your farm regularly can save you lot of costs amounting from medical expenses. It is also important that a farmer has a nutritionist visit the farm once in a while to advice on the feed to give the cows in the different lactation stages. Soil analysts are also important because if your soil lacks certain nutrients needed for cow development, then the crops grown on it will most likely also lack the same.

There are several dairy farming in kenya youtube videos that i would advice every aspiring dairy farmer to watch including the ones above.


How to start dairy farming in kenya

The best way to start dairy farming is to start small and learn before going big. I will post another article with more detailed information.Stay tuned.


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Eric K. (Farming Afrika Admin)
Eric K. (Farming Afrika Admin)
Eric is the co-founder of Farming Afrika. He is a farmer, business man and technology professional. He is determined to unwrap the mystery of profitable farming, lead the youth back to the farms and tell the story.


  1. dishon says:

    I come from Vihiga County and i would like to know, which breed is sustainable to have bearing in mind the geographical features of the place.

    • brian peti says:

      may which to agraduate from bukura college idid extension.ilive in kapsabet .so have abit of info which may help u as afarmer.are two breeds which personally from ma finding do well in both rift and west.they are freshian and arshire.freshian is the best for b/s cz it produces more milk cmpared to arshire which produces avrg bt the milk it produces ni nzito unlike for freshian is all in all all of dem need proper feeding and thus may advice is to practice zero grazing which pays back.iknw afarm where u can get the cows .pliz just call me 0707035335

  2. Anne Toboso says:

    I come from coast a place called perani I have one pcs of land I need to do farming what kind of breed would be good.

  3. michael odero okumu michaelokumu says:

    i came from siaya i have failed but i realy need someone who can advaice me

  4. Baingana Kakooko Moses says:

    Dear sir,
    thankyou so much for all the good work you are for humanity.
    My question is only one.i.e what is the best dairy meal and dairy lick for high milk production? Thankyou so much.

    • Mark K. says:

      To get high milk yield, the dairy meal is part of the nutrition,to get a high yield milk production you should consider
      the following nutrients that cows require.

        Dairy meal
        Mineral Salts

      Assuming you adhere to the other conditions, my reccommendation would be Unga Feeds, and for lick I reccomend Matlick. This is because of their product quality and consistency.

  5. samuel J mwakalinga says:


  6. Edwin Muchai Wanjiru says:

    Hi am a great young man with passion in Dairy farming. Am planning to buy dairy breeds 2 in calve heifers over 7mnths pregnancy ranging from 75000-80000 each.Please advice where to get good breeds and am in Githunguri Kiambu but am away from home.Please help nids to buy from Starting September
    Waiting for ur response

  7. Mark K. says:

    Jambo Edwin, I have already notified breeders with excellent heifers. Send me your number on so tht i can have them contact you directly.

  8. Edwin Muchai Wanjiru says:

    Thanks for your response.Though am away from home this my number +97430020354 or they can contanct my Aunt back there,this her number:+254714409730 name Wakago just tell her its Edwin and I can get information from her thankx in advance

  9. sussy inzera says:

    end me updates please

  10. sussy inzera says:

    send me updates please

  11. Jkamau says:

    can you feed your cow on hydroponic fodder alone? or does it act only as a suppliment?

  12. maxwell says:

    am from called ywaya would lke 2 start diary farming plz advice

  13. nelson says:

    i have an interest in dairy farming i will contact you soon when am ready thanks

  14. kairu paul says:

    Hi, i need 2 pure breed of fleckvieh for startup at kakamega. Advise where i can buy.

  15. dennis kahura says:

    I wuld lyk to start farming n I here hosteins r the best cows for milk bt the problem is there r no hosteins in keny so. Which breed can u advice mi to buy n were????? guys were r u located at????? I wild luv to kam n learn some more

  16. Jeremy says:

    Thanks Eric for the info. We have milking machines at very affordable prices for daily farmers in Kenya. Call us on 0723957547 or visit

    • Bishop john kim says:

      Hello, Greeting in the Name of God. I am bishop john kim from Manchester UK. I’ve been following about farming in Keinya and really want to invest inthere. Please can i get someone capable whom we can put heads together and establish a livestock farm in partnership. Please do contact me via e-mail we discuss more further i can send someone down to keinya to represent me.
      Thank you.
      God bless.
      Bishop J.K

  17. hillary says:

    this is really good job that you are doing advising us young farmers i stay in Eldoret and intend to start dairy farming this dec will contact you guys, after reading your aticles i already have an idea on feeds required to feed the cow thanks a lot for your time and advice God bless you

  18. Bishop john kim says:

    Hello, Greeting in the Name of God. I am bishop john kim from Manchester UK. I’ve been following about farming in Keinya and really want to invest inthere. Please can i get someone capable whom we can put heads together and establish a livestock farm in partnership. Please do contact me via e-mail we discuss more further i can send someone down to keinya to represent me.
    Thank you.
    God bless.
    Bishop J.K

  19. Mark K. says:

    Thank you Bishop for your appreciation, you can mail us at and we can discuss further.

  20. Fabian says:

    I would like to venture into dairy farming and I would like to know what is the process of going about it, like for how much i can get a good dairy cow and how to take care of it for better productions

    Thank you

  21. Kamau Samuel says:

    I want to start a dairy farm on my land in Dagoretti.

    I have lots of fears and I really need advice.

    Thank you for your informative articles.

  22. benjamin kaindi says:

    Im intrested on your care upon farmers. where can i get a dairy cow. frm mbooni, makueni.

  23. benson says:

    am a zambian living in lusaka,i love dairy farming and want to venture in it .now my question is what is the life span of an heifer in terms of milk production and can it be sold to the butcherman after that?

  24. Mary says:

    insightful, i’m so encouraged to go into dairy farming

  25. stephen mutuku nyali says:

    i would like to start dairy farming in machakos aplace called main challenge is where i can hield breeds which can withstand the climate kindly advise.

  26. james says:

    great job Erick. i have two concers:
    1. in an adverse climate like kisumu can zero grazing overcome this disadvantage and maintain gud production of milk? and if so can it best be done?
    2. wat stage is best to buy a heifer for dairy farming, when already pregnant, at stage of pregnancy or after 1st delivery/calfing.
    kindly assist. thanx.

  27. Ayub m njiru says:

    Daily farming is wonderful job to me thank for you being there to train us please advice me more on feeding that my main challenge

  28. momanyi cyrus says:

    i have 2 cows but they do not yield as much as they are required to and i do feed them well.i come from kisii county in can you help me

  29. Martin muraya says:

    I would like to join dairy farmers by 2015 so advice on how to start

  30. Daniel Mage says:

    Are there institutions that can finance me so that I can realise my dreams

  31. Francis M. says:

    This is great info for beginners….i am hoping to begin next year currently i am preparing my land to first plant enough food for the cows before buying them

  32. baingana kakooko moses says:

    i am appreciative for the good work you have offered to us. thank you a million times.
    i am kindly requesting you for knowledge on how to make hydroponic fodder using natural liquid manure from cow dung and cow urine for my dairy cows. i beg for the procedure to make this liquid. God bless you abundantly.

  33. Stella Sokoto says:

    Happy new year!

    I’ve I enjoy your articles. Kindly keep me in your mailing list.

  34. nelly says:

    this is very insightful.
    i want a pure fresian heifer calf. could you kindly advice on where i could get one.
    from kericho.

  35. this is useful thread please give me your contact so that we can talk i am farmer &enterprenuer from Tanzania

  36. Stevens says:

    Good site am a new daily farmer in uganda

    • Eric K. (Farming Afrika Admin) says:

      Thanks you Stevens. I hope it is going well for you.
      You can share your experience with other farmers on this forum. Lets motivate each other

  37. Joseph Mutwiri says:

    Am a Kenyan from Meru but working in Qatar. Am coming home soon and want to engage in cattle farming. Please advice me. Thanks.

    • Eric K. (Farming Afrika Admin) says:

      Hi Joseph,
      Great to hear from you. Please specify the areas you want to learn about.
      You can send that on email to info@far, and we will have someone answer them.
      Thank you and KARIBU nyumbani

  38. Esther M. Nyangaga says:

    I am really happy to learn about the good work you are doing. I am really interested in dairy farming and want to venture into it soon. my home is in Mt Elgon- Cheptais. Kindly advise on how to start what breeds to buy first. I am far away from home but will soon (september) relocate and settle there. Have a passion for dairy farming.

  39. samsark says:

    Am pleased you are there to give me a guide on how to start. Currently i have four cows and are not doing well because of feeds, i think so. I have interests in the whole thing and my appeal is that further advice me. Thanks

    • Eric K. (Farming Afrika Admin) says:

      Hi Kipchumba,
      Thank you for contacting us. I suggest you change the feeding program. Growing your own fodder if you have the land is a good way of achieving higher productivity and cutting down on costs at the same time. I suggest you read on feeding programs. I posted an article on it a while back. You can also get in touch with a nutritionist who will guide you on good feeding programs

  40. Jacob says:

    Thanks for the good info you are giving us, am a dairy farmer( beginner) and my main challage is feeding, please advice me on the locally available dairy feeds and also how to make own concentrates, am in machakos

  41. Rhodah says:

    thanx for the good work you r doing. My dad has been keeping dairy cows for subsistence ever since. He recently retired and would lyk to venture into dairy farming business. how do we go about especially zero grazing? He has a 10 acre piece of land and would lyk to grow his own feeds? reccomend for me specialists in soil testing and nutrion and also a reccommnded breed for narok and where to buy from

  42. Gilbert says:

    I am also considering venturing into dairy farming, i am currently in Nairobi and i will be relocating to Kericho, but i want to get enough info before i get into this bizna. Husle ya Nairobi imenitosha hahaa

  43. Timothy says:

    I would like to know which feeds i can plant since i have enough land and how do i mix the feeds to get maximum production from my farm

  44. Robert Shayo says:

    Hi! I am in Tanzania parts of southern Highlands in Sumbawanga Region. I would like to start dairy farming. Could advise me on the suitable breads to keep for high milk yield keeping in mind the geographical location of the Area.

  45. Martin says:

    How much does it cost to feed on Heifer Cow. I mean daily

  46. fred acooler says:

    Am seriously impressed waah,anyway am a young man n i started doing dairy farming early last year,i started with two animals in calf and i added two late last year,i have enough feeds and i use the required supplements for my dairy,my question is i do not get milk according to my expectation its very low, what could be the problem or i was given animals with low production?please advice.

  47. fred acooler says:

    Thanks for this web,i have heard that there is a good breed which is a wonderful breed that produces more milk where can it be found and how much?am in love with dairy farming its my located in siaya.

  48. fred acooler says:

    Am sorry the last email address is the one am using currently thanks am waiting for the feedback.

  49. clive okioma says:

    where can I buy portable milking machine in Kenya? I live in kisii, Kenya.

  50. geoffrey says:

    i need. good. cow. for. bussines. of. milk

  51. ndirangu. says:

    am ndirangu from kipipiri and planning to venture into this business. I want to start with four calfs around 12 months of age .I need ua advice. do u know of a place I can get them and at what price approximate.thanks

  52. Joh says:

    I’m looking a chicken breeding business and cow milking business
    I want to create 1200 litres daily within5 months
    can you help me with cows and best most economically way to buy them and to achieve this

    I’m looking at poultarty business was looking for a partner small comercial scale operation
    I have company who will buy from me every 6 weeks
    I will make the feed to save on coin
    Or I’m I need you’re help in finding me farmers who can breed chickens have experience
    And chicken housing and I will supply them the feed and day chicks for,free
    And they will be contracted to and paid every 2 weeks after delivery

    Start with 5000 chickens then scale it to 60 k chickens over 18 months

    If you can help me with this email

  53. Shelmith says:

    Thenx for the good work and the useful information you are giving aspiring farmers. I am looking for 3 in calf heifers 7 months around Eldoret area. anyone who knows where I can get them??

  54. lenah says:

    I am a young lady with some land along garissa road.I would like to enquire whether the climate in that area is good.Specifically near the plantations of delmonte.
    I am learning alot from the feeds and hoping to venture soon.

    • Eric K. (Farming Afrika Admin) says:

      Hi Lenah,
      Dairy farming can be praccticeds almost anywhere. The climate in that area is okay for ddairy farming. Learning first is the best way of preparing to venture. Keep it up.

      • David kiarie says:

        Hi,most people in my area(kiambu west) prefer keeping freshian cows,but they consume too therefore looking to keep jerseys which I here are more cost effective though they produce less. Do you think they can do well in my area? Or does my line of thinking make business sense? Pls advise

        • Eric K. (Farming Afrika Admin) says:

          Hi David,

          If cost of feeds is a challenge to you then your line of thinking makes total sense. Jerseys also have higher butter fat content and therefore better for making products such as cheese etc. You can look to sell your milk to cheese makers in your area(if any) and position your milk as having higher fat content and ask for a higher price

  55. brian kimani says:

    am brian frm thika n I want to venture into dairy farming business kindly give me the best tips of starting it.

    • Eric K. (Farming Afrika Admin) says:

      Hi Brian,
      the best way is to first plan for the feeds. I would advice that you start by planting your own feeds if land ois available or seeking a good source of forages.
      Also writing a detailed business plan with milestones will help you keep intract with your plans.
      For funding, there is a dairy farming proposal available for download on our website. You can edit and use it as you wish. :-)

  56. philip oganga says:

    Hi My name is philip nko Sega(siaya county) na nahitaji a dairy heifer,where can i get it and at what cost.

  57. mary says:

    when starting a dairy farm in a 1 acre land what is the best no. of cows to start with? is it good to start with calves or heifers?

  58. bwaniaga says:

    thank you a million times ……I would wish to know I cn purchase a bull from kenyan farms to uganda…where are the best farms to buy them from and at how much in us dollars. . thanks

  59. francis mbogo jaoko says:

    Thanks for such a wonderful job.please
    let fire keep burning.

  60. EDward Tenga says:

    I am interested in dairy products business and will appreciate to get some start up tips on how to be a successive business owner in the dairy products.

    Firstly i wish to know if dairy business is viable and profitable.

    What are the estimate cost of setting up a diary and including the cost of licenses.

    Kindly get me the answer quickly.



  61. EDward Tenga says:

    I am interested in dairy products business and will appreciate to get some start up tips on how to be a successive business owner in the dairy products.

    Firstly i wish to know if dairy business is viable and profitable.

    What are the estimate cost of setting up a diary and including the cost of licenses.

    Kindly get me the answer quickly. My email address :



  62. biko says:

    which is the best salt for A calf , incalf heifer, bulls and lactating cows

  63. Herbert says:

    Thanks for great ideas you are giving to farmers, I would like to know a dairy breed that can servive harsh conditions like those of ukambani.

  64. joseph odhiambo says:

    Good keep it up. Many youths have no jobs and agribusiness remains the only thing to keep us busy and feed this nation.

  65. Martin says:

    My dream job is dairy farming. I want to start building a zero grazing of four cows kindly advise on the required dimensions. What feeds can I plant in before buying heifers?
    kind regards

  66. Evelyn Kathambi Mbuuri says:

    Would like to know more about fodder

  67. Joseph Kemboi says:

    i am a dairy farmer a small scale one and i very much appreciate the great advice you are giving us. i have just joined you and i hope we shall continue to interact together

    thanks and God bless you/

  68. okeyo willis says:

    you can try fleckvie

  69. george says:

    am George from Kmb am interested in farming and I would like to know what I need for a cow to give good milk

    • Eric K. (Farming Afrika Admin) says:

      Hi George,

      For a cow to give good milk, you need to provide it with enough feed that meets its nutritional needs.
      First, you must have good quality fodder. This includes neppier grass, maize silage, grass silage etc.
      Then concentrates ie dairy meal and minerals. I would advice ou to start by giving good fodder then start with dairy meal while observing increase in milk production. Remember, dairy farming is a business and so make sure the cow you are striving to increase production for is capable of producing the amount of milk you desire. Otherwise you will just be spending too much money hoping the cow produces.

  70. Muriithi Francis says:

    Very encouraging advice to dairy farmers…my concern is where can i source for protein feeds at fair price and what the price per KG.

  71. gerald says:

    great work you are doing.

  72. songol abraham says:

    dairy farming a priority

  73. bessy says:


    please advice me on how i can venture in dairy keeping

    kind regards

  74. Mark parmasaen says:

    my names are mark parmasaen agraduate in Human Nutrition and afarmer doing small dairy subsistance farming with alot of emphasis in meat production but faced alot of challenges with the business because of succesive Rinfall failer,season failure i want now to try comercial Dairy farming within my my locallity have abig change land in kajiado and seriously want to start, the the basics of staring adairy fairm.

  75. Mark parmasaen says:

    wanted to clearly get the basics of starting adairy farm with 5 cows, have water at home and land. thank you.iam from kajiado bissil.

  76. Paul K. Hiuhu says:

    I would like some research work done.

  77. Willis mashedi says:


    This is good information. I am ready to start with local breeds or cross breeds before going on the large scale. What breeds can you recommend in a place like Matunda, kitale?

    • Eric K. (Farming Afrika Admin) says:

      Ayshire cows are good produces and consume less feed. I dont know if ADC kitale still keeps good ayshire cows. I would advice you to enquire on that.

  78. samsemei says:

    Im doing small scale dairy farming around Isinya- Kajiado county basically the place is too dry but I have a lot of interest in dairy keeping.

    • Eric K. (Farming Afrika Admin) says:

      Hello Samsemei,

      Dairy farming is a lucrative business. For feed, you can plant and store fodder in form of silage. Since the place is dry, you can go with more drought resistant crops such as sorgham which makes good silage. You can also keep more hardy animals that do not consume too much feed such as ayrshire or fleckvie or even jersey.


    I would like to venture into dairy farming starting with one or two please advise on the feeds especially how do i balance the diet

  80. marcel owioti says:

    hi?am interested in dairy farming but dont know where to start from,i would kindly need some assistance.thanks

  81. David Kimani says:

    Thanks for the information and updates. Where can i get a good holstein cow with a production of 25lts and above and a reasonable price. The prices nowadays have been exaggerated by middle men who are out to make a fortune.

    • Eric K. (Farming Afrika Admin) says:

      Hello David.
      Buying already milking cows is usually tricky as the farmer selling could be selling culling cows. These are cows he no longer wants in his herd as it contains undesirable traits. Incalf heifers are the best to purchase as you have its entire future to reap benefits from it. Send me an email on and i can give you leads of places to get heifers from.




  82. andrew mecha says:

    which is the best dairy breed to keep in Nyamira kisii

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