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GUEST POST= To the Laikipia Governor: Improving Livelihoods Through Managed Grasslands

Governor Ndiritu Muriithi, it is a month since you were sworn in and I believe that your in-tray is overflowing with policy challenges that come in […]

Kenyan Farmers perspective:GMO ban lifting and Fertilizer plant construction

The past three months have brought good news to the farming community in Kenya. I am now more optimistic than ever that the potential in agribusiness […]
future millionare

The millionare farmers of tomorrow

The millionaire farmer. He is probably 60 or 65, drives an old range rover, maybe a KXJ or a KSQ Or maybe an old Pajero, remember […]

What it really takes to be a farmer

Today I will do a different type of writing. It will not be a planting guide, business proposal, do this not that type of post but […]
Some of the heifers from South Africa

Why Dairy Farming Is the next big thing

The buzz word in the farming Industry for the past 5 years has been “agribusiness”. This, to my understanding is where farmers start treating farming as […]