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Things you should do to get a better maize yield this season

On the night of 25th March, at approximately 10pm the heavens around Eldoret and the neighboring towns opened up and hammered the town silly. The rains […]
Chicken feeding

Finally, I’m a Kienyeji Chicken Farmer. My Story

When I started telling this story seven or so months ago, I wasn’t too sure how it would end. I had hoped to tell an exciting […]

Progress-Mavuno Fertilizer Vs DAP Experiment

When we first heard of the Mavuno crop specific fertilizer, we were excited to try it out and determine if finally, farmers had a viable alternative […]

My Experience in Open Air Tomato Farming-Tuta Absoluta

I am a 3rd year student at Moi University,Main campus. I first tried my hand in open-air tomato farming in 2011, after I was done wiyh […]

How we made it:Mushroom Farming

Mushrooms farming is often considered difficult by many. This has made many people shy away from it despite its profitability. We sought out to find farmers […]

Update on My Experience with Jamber F1 Onions

Hello farmers, I hope this finds you well. The last time I wrote to the blog I was waiting to transplant the onions in two weeks’ […]

My experience with Jamber F1 Onion farming so far

Dear Farmers, A few months ago, i visited my neighbor’s farm.I initially took the trip to learn how my neighbor succeeded in greenhouse farming as he […]